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Teachers lack Tech Ed
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Author:  Linda Brock [ Tue Jun 15, 2004 9:16 am ]
Post subject:  Teachers lack Tech Ed

In my CI 3850 class we are discussing technology eduation and how teachers are failing to teach kids about technology. I know that my tech ed was a typing class or a computer application class that had a step by step book to tell us exactly what to do and what and where to type info. I feel that I could not accurately teach my students to use a computer or other technologies available because I myself am unsure of them.

Should I have to wait until I go to workshops in my profession before I begin to incorporate technology into my classroom? I personally feel that there should be some class for teachers to introduce us to the various technologies and how to use and incorporate it into our classrooms. The fear is due to the hours and gpa would be worth taking?

Just wanted your thoughts on this matter..

Linda Brock

Author:  Jeff Tutterow [ Tue Jun 15, 2004 10:27 am ]
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I think this thread should be re titled "Teachers Lack Computer Education" Rather than Teachers Lack Tech Ed. As a student trying to get certified in Tech Ed I have encountered a HUGE battle of educating people as to what Tech Ed is and is not. Tech Ed is not the same as computer education. Computers are normally used more in subjects like English, Math and History than they are in a Technology Classroom. This battle may seem like a word game to some but when as a future teacher you must go into detail that you are not going to be a computer teacher to almost everyone that you discuss your future with including teachers and administration, it gets to the point where it is sometimes just to agree with them and let them continue to think Technology Education is just Computers. Try to imagine how it would feel if you were an Engligh teacher and everyone thought you taught about England.

Author:  Jennifer Chaddock [ Tue Jun 15, 2004 3:44 pm ]
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I agree we should have some sort of class to help us know who to better integrate computers and technology into our classes. I'm a Family and Consumer Science Ed Major and in a clothing class we have the opportunity, budget allowing, to use computerized sewing machines as well as to take images from the computer and transfer them to fabric. In addition programs like CAD, Computer Aided Design, are tools useful for both the clothing and interior design classes. However they are not worked into the major. They do offer those classes for Interior Design and Apparel Design Majors but for the Ed folks who will teach it they don't allow the time. In my mind with our completor courses we are cutting our teachers short from being able to teach what we really want. They are asking me to prepare this child for the next level. In my case many of my kids won't go for college they will head out to the work field. But I will not be allowed to gain the information necessary to teach them what the real world is about. I agree teachers need more computers and technology based classes to see how they can properly integrate them into their classes and take their students to the next level.

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