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Author:  Mark Pendergrass [ Mon Dec 06, 2004 10:16 am ]
Post subject:  Elephant

I rescently rented a movie called Elephant, that followed several students through a "normal" day of highschool. The day ended in a very violent episode, but the movie took clips of the last five minutes before the violence in the lives of several students. I think that the title is Elephant because the students would never forget. School violence is a really scary topic, how do yall plan on adressing this in the classroom and in faculty meetings?

Author:  Justin Stagner [ Mon Dec 06, 2004 12:59 pm ]
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I have also seen that particular movie and I think that the answer to the problem is in the movie itself. Each clique of students felt totally isolated, alienated, and put-down. As teachers, one of our many responsibilties is to care for the mental well-being of our students. As everyone knows all too well about school, teachers cannot be present and watching at every moment during the day. Therefore, we must be sure to take the time to instruct students on the necessity of being civil and loving to our peers. I know that sounds idealistic but I really think that is the only solution.
By the way, some folks will say that if you liked "Elephant" you will like "Duck!" but you will not. It is a terrible movie with awful acting and an outrageously weak script. Don't bother with it.

Author:  Morgan Gill [ Sun Dec 12, 2004 2:12 pm ]
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This is such a complex topic that there's definitely no easy answer, but I think the first step in eliminating school violence is getting rid of the naivety that we all have. "It could never happen here" is a dangerous mindset because it can happen anywhere. I think that just knowing this sad truth is a good first step in making yourself alert, aware and informed. If we accept the fact that it could happen in our own school, we're more prepared to stop it.

Author:  Elizabeth Puckett [ Mon Dec 13, 2004 3:21 pm ]
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I think one of the most important things is to pay attention to your students. A lot of times students attempt to talk to others or will give signs but they're just blown off. Again making the classroom a more relaxing environment, students will be more willing to discuss issues instead of building up anger/aggression. I think it's important to discuss the media as well and breakdown misconceptions that you see in movies about school life. You can talk about the lasting affects of violence from events in the past as well to make students more aware of the choices others made and cost they had to pay.

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