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Where do you think the world will be in 10 years?
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Author:  TyrralQuinn [ Wed Apr 06, 2005 3:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Where do you think the world will be in 10 years?

With rising gas prices making it impossible to drive, terriorist on everyones minds, the goverment taking more control over the nation, and insiders telling us what is good to watch on T.V. I bring this question to you all? Where will we be in 10 years as teachers? What is right now, may not be right later. With overly PC people, and no meaning to individuality anymore, are we just fact dumpers for children or are we role models and teachers for the future of our planet?

Author:  MAIleiKao [ Mon Apr 11, 2005 10:00 pm ]
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Teachers are quickly assuming the role of social reformer. In ten years, teachers will be responsible for everything the parents are. Society is conveniently deleting the need for family, and putting the raising of its future members in the hands of the schools. We are: babysitters, counselors, beacons of knowledge. We are disciplinarians; we are role models, givers of nurturing love--we are wisdom incarnate. We are problemsolvers, innovative creators, and slaves of the all-important end-of-course tests.

What will we be in ten years? This, and much more. We will be so strapped down with responsibility and programs and classroom management guidelines that we may not have time to truly reach or touch anybody.

I hope to God I'm wrong.

Author:  allisonstultz [ Mon Apr 11, 2005 10:07 pm ]
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I think that in 10 years, teachers will have more pressure put on them than ever. They will have to deal with lots more testing and more No Child Left Behind stuff. I feel we will have no freedom in classrooms any more. We will have to go by strict teaching guides and no fun what so ever!

I too hope this is wrong, but I feel we are leading this way :?

Author:  Wesley Lawson [ Tue Apr 19, 2005 2:03 pm ]
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The requirements on teachers will continue to become more and more strict. The minimum requirements will continue to go up for students. The one thing that seems to be driving all of this will be technology. As technology increases in sophistication so to will the subject material given to the students. It will be hard to tell if any of us will still be teachers. With teacher pay being low and standards going up, many of us will probably opt out of teaching and find other fields to work in. The world is a different place than it was ten years ago and even more different than twenty years ago. Who knows what we might see in the classroom ten years from now. Hopefully the school settings will get better. Hopefully we will have stopped school shootings and reduce the number of under funded school systems.

Author:  natalierichard [ Tue Apr 19, 2005 5:20 pm ]
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I think that the requirements on teachers will become either stricter, or more acceptable. Its up or down for most things in the education sysytem. I do think that the driving force behind the changes is technology and demand for better assessment in the school. Hopefully we will be at a much better better place where teachers are qualified but not overworked, students become thinkers and not machines and schools become safe places and not battle grounds.

Author:  Amber Woodring [ Sun Apr 24, 2005 5:51 pm ]
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I am afraid of the way things may be in the next 10 years. It seems that all the students hear about is destruction and war. With all the testing in schools do we have time to be life changers? My hope is yes we should be able to change their lives just by setting good examples. Maybe the gas prices and loss of natural resources will allow us as teachers to teach moderation. Americans are greedy and perhaps we can learn from the shape the world is in and turn a negative into a positive.

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