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MJ innocent or guilty
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Author:  William Shehan [ Mon Jun 13, 2005 9:38 pm ]
Post subject:  MJ innocent or guilty

I think no matter what the outcome was we will always think he is guilty of something wrong. I believe that the people were looking for money and that the innocent verdict was justified. I would take my son to Never Land and let him play, but I would be right beside him the whole time. I would not let him spend the night outside of a room I was in, and I would not leave him alone with M. Jackson ever.

Author:  Jessica Epley [ Mon Jun 13, 2005 11:53 pm ]
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I think alot of people will think Jackson is guilty despite the fact that the verdict was not guilty. We know that such a verdict does not mean he is innocent. MSN is running a live poll on whether or not voters think Jackson got a fair shake. I don't know about taking my child to his house -I would probably feel very uncomfortable.

Author:  Annette Bostain [ Tue Jun 14, 2005 7:59 am ]
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MJ is a prime example of how an adolescents can get screwed up. I cannot or do not presume to know all that he was subjected to in his younger life, but it was obviously not what he needed. He is clearly not happy with his appearance or his life. This is evident by the way he has changed his physical appearance. It is hard to choose if he is actually a "predator" or if his true intentions were to give unfortunate children something he never had- a childhood.

Author:  britta anne atkins-gramer [ Tue Jun 14, 2005 9:05 am ]
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I feel MJ is guilty! I understand our system of "guilty beyond any reasonable doubt", however, I believe he is guilty. There are too many accusations and this is not the first time they have arose and they do not come from only one source. Also, lets not forget there have been witnesses to some "bizarre" behaviors between MJ and some of his young guest. I find it hard to believe the jury did not find him guilty of "something". I predict accusations will arise again in the future! And did I mention that I believe MJ is guilty.

Author:  alice roberts [ Tue Jun 14, 2005 10:14 am ]
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I agree with Eric, I think he is guilty of some inappropriate conduct--but maybe not in this case. I feel very badly that he continues to be free and will likely put other children in danger. I came to the conclusion last night on the way to class that he may escape conviction in a court of law, but he too cannot escape the punishment he will recieve when his life is over. I have heard some analysts say they believe he will take up residence in another country, one more friendly to him, but this will not save him either. He cannot evade the judgement of his God.

Author:  Donna L. Penny [ Tue Jun 14, 2005 10:15 am ]
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I like Annette's theory. I would like to believe that MJ is attempting to help children. I just have a hard time believing other well known people like Liz Taylor/Larry King would stand with MJ if there was much truth to the accusations. Of course, I do not know much about Liz or Larry either, but for all the sake of all the children who have visited Never Land, I do hope MJ is not guilty.

Author:  Machel Connolly [ Tue Jun 14, 2005 10:32 am ]
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I believe he is guilty, but I also believe that his father, Joe, has something to do with this. Had Joe not been so abusive to his children while they were growing up, I do believe that the lot of them would have been more "normal". Their strange behaviors as adults (ie. excessive plastic surgery to change who they are) are a direct result of the abuse they received as children. Joe is the one who should pay for the crimes of his children because he molded them into who they are.

Author:  Kristi Jones [ Tue Jun 14, 2005 12:48 pm ]
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I've watched his trial coverage and felt anxious waiting for his verdict to be read. I, too, believe that he is guilty of many things, but I believe in this case, he was a victim of greed. Does anyone think that the victim's mother shares some of the blame? As a parent you are responsible for the safety of your child. What mother (or father) would ever leave their child with someone who has been accused of child molestation?

Author:  alice roberts [ Tue Jun 14, 2005 1:46 pm ]
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I'm with Eric on this one too, I'm not leaving Lee there. And yes, I do think the mother bears some responsibility, she should know the people her child spends time with better or go with the child.

Author:  Johnny Morris [ Thu Jun 16, 2005 8:01 pm ]
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I feel that MJ is a victim of childhood abuse. No one will ever know the truth about what happened between closed doors. I have watched alot of footage with him and interviews with him and he is like a child. I just don't see how he would be capapble of doing such a thing, but who knows how he actually is.

Author:  joshua robinson [ Mon Jun 20, 2005 10:39 am ]
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Would the regular American citizen have been found innocent? Or was it money and fame that found MJ innocent? I think it was the latter. I believe him to be guilty, but I wasn't in the jury.

Author:  Janet Phillips [ Tue Jun 21, 2005 6:50 am ]
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I believe MJ is guilty of some type of inappropriate behavior. He obviously has mental issues. It is almost as if he is trying to live the life of a young boy. I have watched specials about how his dad pushed the kids, and maybe he was abused as a child. Whether he is a sexual predator or not is questionable. I think the real question is what kind of parents would allow their children to go to Neverland and stay without supervision?! I agree with Eric, if I went there with a child, they would not be out of my sight the entire time. But, I don't think I would go there!

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