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Author:  rebecca brown [ Wed Jan 25, 2006 1:55 pm ]
Post subject:  ahhh i know!!!

this is an issue that ive been thinking about a lot lately, very frustrating. i have heard many of my professors say something along the lines of: "there are these tests, but you need to work around them, there are ways to work around them" and my question is: why do i have to work with them at all? i am subjecting my integrity as not only a teacher but a human being as well by "working around" these tests, and very standardized curricula.

so what do we do? we all know it needs change, we all want our public schools to be reformed. i dont mean to sound completely out there and cheesy like some revolutionary pre professional teacher...but we do need to just stand up. we really do need to not conform to it. we all can sit here and type on the computer about how much we dont like the tests, but until we actually teach the way we feel...we wont get anything accomplished about the tests.

"but we'll get fired" yes, you probably will get fired if you stand up to this. but think about it...after a while if this keeps happening theyve got to change something. think about the civil rights movement. it got to a point where people couldnt just sit around and talk about how much they dont like the segregation. people had to start doing something about it.

"oh man, she sounds crazy" yeah, i probably do...but if i spend however many years in college learning how to be a mass-produced, generic, teach by the test teacher...i will have severly dissappointed not only myself but children who could possibly be getting a real, meaningful education.

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