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Great Teaching
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Author:  Luci Osborne [ Thu Apr 06, 2006 2:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Great Teaching

I am currently completing my Block I Elementary Ed. internship in an elementary school in Lenoir. I just wanted to comment that I have seen a lot of great teaching going on at the school. I know in class there was a lot of discussion about some great teaching methods...lettings kids discuss, doing activities to stretch the students thinking outside of the box. I have seen this going on. The teachers are very caring and really want to help their students learn to the best of their ability. I think that's great and even though there's always a bad apple in every bunch, what I've seen so far gives me a lot of hope for my future teaching. Has anyone else witnessed any great or not so great teaching?

Author:  Scott Shannon [ Fri Apr 07, 2006 11:04 am ]
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I am also in Block I and I have seen some great teaching as well. I have also noticed that there is a huge push to prepare for EOG's via remedial class periods and strategy instruction. I feel that this is probably necessary because of the NCLB program and it's consequences/rewards. I do hope that we can someday change this way of testing our students with a more effective program that promotes learning more than passing a test.

Author:  Jill Parsons [ Sun Apr 09, 2006 7:23 pm ]
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I am a PE teacher and I am doing an internship at the moment at Bethel Elementary. The PE teacher there is great - fabulous demeanor, great instructions, ect. The one thing I do notice, however, is the fact that if students act up in class she sits them out. Now this may sound like a good answer to the solution, but as a PE teacher, my job is to keep students active as much as possible (we are trying to beat obesity here!). So it is one thing to sit out a small, fit child. But what about the one child that is very overweight and acts out all the time. Do you sit him out also? I don't think so. We are taught to not punish with physical activity becuas that just turns them off of being active as well. So what is the answer for this boy? My idea is to have him walk around the gym while the rest of the students play the games. Walking is not considered too vigorous of physical activity and anyone can do it. This will not turn him off of activity becuase it is not too strenous - and it prevents him from getting exactly what he wants - to sit out of PE.

Author:  Jordan Will [ Tue Apr 11, 2006 5:03 pm ]
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I am doing my internship at Watauga High School this semester and it is going great! THe teacher I am working with is so great with her students. She honestly cares that they get the best education that they can get in Special Ed. I have learned so much from her, especially with behavior modifications. I am so glad I have gotten this experience.

Author:  Emily Dale [ Wed Apr 12, 2006 10:50 am ]
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I'm also doing my internship in Lenoir and have been very impressed. I grew up in the area and am amazed at how much things have changed. Students get so much less free time to explore on their own but teachers really seem to be stepping up by making lessons interesting and encouraging students to be creative. I think the biggest lesson I have learned from the teachers I am working with is how important classroom management really is because without it even the most creative teacher cannot conduct a successful lesson.

Author:  Laurie Tate [ Wed Apr 12, 2006 2:16 pm ]
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Recently in my practicum I've witnessed some pretty crappy teaching. The first class I was in was a kindergarten classroom. The teacher told my partner and I that she didn't like children and was extremely harsh with the children. They are never allowed to talk and socialize and she expects perfection from them. They are in kindergarten! Now we are in a third grade classroom where the children have done nothing but reading work for the two weeks we've been there. They had one 5 minute math lesson but that's it. She also divides the children up into level-based reading groups led by an adult but gives them all the same worksheets. One girl is behind because she has been absent for much of the year but the teacher placed her by herself in the back of the classroom when the rest of the class sits in groups of 4 and 5. This experience is letting me know what NOT to do in my own classroom.

Author:  Murphy Post [ Thu Apr 13, 2006 12:24 am ]
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I haven't been in a classroom long enough in college to recognize good teaching or bad at the high school level,and in a year and a half I'll be doing this?....WOW!

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