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Same-sex classes
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Author:  Jessica Beckworth [ Wed Oct 25, 2006 1:18 pm ]
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I just found this website about public schools starting classes that were only male or only female. It said that right now it's only being implemented in gym classes and sex ed. I was wondering what everyone thought about this. I think it's really strange, and I couldn't imagine going to a school where I couldn't interact with the opposite sex. I mean think of all the friends you would miss out on. Another thing I was thinking is would this really be beneficial education wise? I don't think so. I feel like the males and females in a classroom will debate each other, and they will bring different viewpoints to subjects that would otherwise never be talked about.
Just wondering if anyone thinks this is a good idea, and why you think it would work.

Author:  Torrey Hanna [ Wed Oct 25, 2006 7:40 pm ]
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I can definitely see an argument on either side of this issue, but I do find it strange that it is being implemented in todays world. I presonally do not think it is a good idea in most cases. I think students need exposure to as much diversity as possible while in a constructive educational setting and gender is no exception. Also in the student's future they will more than likely be working with and dealing with males and females and I feel that a same sex class room will discourage growth and preperation in this area. I agree with Jessicas point on missing out on some great friends and learning opportunities as well!

Author:  Justin Pittman [ Wed Oct 25, 2006 10:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Let's do the time warp again!

Ummm, well ... Did these peeps forget that we've been through this already?

1. Brown v. Board (1954): smashed "separate but equal" education based on race
2. Title IX (1972): smashed sex discrimination in education

Combine those two and I get:

1 & 2. (2006): Classes separated by sex yet claiming to provide equal education is ... well, smashed.


"Let's do
the time warp

Author:  elyse addington [ Mon Oct 30, 2006 9:30 pm ]
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i think kids need to interact with other sexes, other races, other backgrounds, other religions, everything when they are in school. for some kids, school is the first taste of real social interaction with other children and so in order to help children grow and develop socially, they need diversity. not just racial diversity, but definitely exposure to the opposite sex. not only in their classmates but in their teachers as well. think about today's home life and how many children go home to a place without a male figure, or some that do have him physically present still face the battle of having an emotionally involved male role model. school is a place where they can see adult males in a positive, leadership, and caring role. i think same-sex classes, with some minor exceptions like sex ed or other gender related classes, should not be in practice, generally speaking.

Author:  Traci Miodusewski [ Sun Nov 05, 2006 6:45 pm ]
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Separation of the sexes is schools? I really don't know how I feel about this. My first instinct is to say this is a ridiculous idea, but I see the benefits as well; such as breaking the stereotypes. But overall I feel that single-sex schools and classrooms will not be equal to those of co-ed. Another huge aspect is the social development of students. It is important to gain interaction, awareness and acceptance of people that come from different situations than yourself. This includes gender. By taking that away in the school it creates a jaded view of our society creating a lack of interaction among genders which will create problems in the future.

Author:  Julie Troutman [ Tue Nov 07, 2006 5:25 pm ]
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Well, like Torrey mentioned, I think there are obvious arguments for both sides of this issue. However, I'm pretty much more aligned to think that this idea is not the brightest Washington has ever had. Same-sex PE classes & sex ed classes i understand (and probably mostly because mine were that way), but general education classes? I realize that sometimes the opposite sex can be a distraction, but then again, so can people in the same sex, maybe just for slightly different reasons. When kids go on to college or to jobs, they won't be separated by sex (discriminated against, maybe, but not separated). And part of having a diverse classroom is having students of different genders! Isn't education today all about incorporating diversity at all times?!!

Author:  Lillian Jones [ Tue Nov 07, 2006 6:22 pm ]
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For the most part, I do not agree with same-sex classes. However, it does make sense in certain situations. From everything I've heard, choir students tend to learn better in same-sex classrooms. This has a lot to do with voice type, obviously, but more importantly, it has to do with a reduction of embarassment due to growing and changing voices. Boys aren't the only ones who have voice changes--both sexes have to go through periods of time in which they sing some things awkwardly, but it is different depending on the gender. Both genders seem to be more likely to take a risk and just sing out if they are not in a class with the opposite gender.

this might be true for PE classes as well, for similar reasons, especially in the middle school years.

Author:  Jennifer Gray [ Fri Nov 10, 2006 3:29 pm ]
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This subject at first seems so easily defined. Of course we shouldn't do that! But at second glance, would opposing sexes fare better in some classes like gym? Especially girls and boys in middle school going through changes. Would it not be more beneficial to their self-esteem if they didn't have to worry about the opposite sex during that period? Then again, what if the same sex is a source of ridicule and embarassment and it wouldn't have mattered anyway? Is there really a right answer? Would separation allow kids to have a better view of themselves, or would it not deal with an issue that they will face anyway? Lots of questions.

Author:  Ashley Gentry [ Mon Nov 20, 2006 7:38 pm ]
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So, when I first read this, the first thought that came to my mind: What would my elementary school years have been like if I was in a class with all girls and no social interaction with boys? I was always a huge flirt when I was in school - I would have HATED it!!

Now that I am older, I can see both sides of the issue. I agree with everyone that it elimates the stereotypes and would probably help with many girls/boys self-esteems. But how will they deal with it when they are placed within society? They cant single themselves out by gender when they are in the workforce. Being ridiculed and embarressed is a part of life that most children have to deal with. I mean - who can honestly say that they were never ridiculed or embarressed somewhere other than the classroom? Does this mean that because they were singled out in school, that they will be singled out the rest of their lives. You know that these children would have difficulty interacting with members of the opposite sex. However, with gym, I definately think that segregating the classes would be wonderful. I know that whenever I was in PE and I know this is still true today - most of the girls are embarrassed to do stuff in front of the boys and vice versa. This is even true with the overweight children and the children who are not good at a particular sport, such as basketball, volleyball, etc.

Author:  Kirstin Blanchard [ Wed Nov 29, 2006 11:29 pm ]
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I think that for PE and sex ed seperating the children into same sex classes is a good idea. Then the children will feel more comfortable asking questions. As for regular classes I totally disagree. I think that having the interaction of male and female in the class is a necessity. We need the interaction from different sexes to be able to function in daily life. I think that is crazy!!

Author:  Ryan Brown [ Wed Dec 06, 2006 9:41 pm ]
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I definetly agree with Kirstin, same sex classes in anything but sex ed is not a good idea. Kids need to interact with the opposite sex. Otherwise when they get to college they will not know how to react to the opposite sex.

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