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Author:  Kirstin Blanchard [ Mon Nov 13, 2006 6:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Heaven?

This is short and sweet and I have been asking EVERYONE this that is not in our class... sooo now you tell me what you think.....
Do homosexuals go to heaven?

Author:  Lisa Hopkins [ Mon Nov 13, 2006 10:43 pm ]
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I do not think we are the ones to pass judgment on that issue.

Our job as Christians (im assuming here), future teachers, and people in general is to love and accept people for who they are and what they bring to our classrooms.

Issues of the afterlife are better left to someone who can see the "big picture"

Author:  Justin Pittman [ Tue Nov 14, 2006 2:47 am ]
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Well I am glad we finally started talking about religion and school but I had hoped for a far less ... exclusive introduction to the discussion.

Lisa easily identified the first issue with the question: it assumes people are Christian. Despite living in our own world over here in Protestant America, there are many religions in the world and not all of them promise a heavenly life, and some people do not believe in afterlife. Putting that difference aside, not all Americans believe in a Christian conception of afterlife; not all Christians agree on the same heavenly concept; etc. So I expect to encounter a variety of students from different religious or spiritual beliefs in my classroom.

I think last week's elections, with their refferenda that banned same-sex marriages, allude to the majority opinion in America ...

Author:  Jennifer Gray [ Tue Nov 14, 2006 8:53 am ]
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That is one really heated topic. Especially for our bible belt region. As a christian (and I hate that word because there is SO much negative associated with it) I have been and witnessed many debates among other believers of Christ. Here is my personal opinion. The only thing that determines me going to heaven is one thing only. My belief that Jesus Christ willingly became man to willingly become the ultimate sacrifice. He died and in doing so took upon Him the sin of the world. He died so that I could live. He rose again from the grave so that I could not only live, but live it freely and abundantly. All I have to do is believe. No amount of good deeds or actions can get me into heaven nor further a position once I am there. Likewise, no amount of wrong choices, lifestyle, or misdeeds can keep me out. The bottom line is, it is not my job to judge. I am no better than the next man or woman. Man the questions I will have for Him once I get there, but now, it just diminishes His love for all of HIs creation and creates feuds and hatred and that is NOT what God is about.

Author:  MandyPhillips [ Tue Nov 14, 2006 11:20 pm ]
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I agree wholeheartedly with Jennifer. I don't think it's right to simply ask the question "Do homosexuals go to Heaven?" because that's sort of like asking "Do women go to heaven?" or "Do Canadians go to Heaven?". Some homosexuals don't believe in Heaven at all. Some women don't believe in Heaven. Some Canadians don't believe in Heaven.

However, for the sake of argument, if you look at God's teachings then yes, anyone goes to Heaven as long as they accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour. Yes, there's debate all over the place about how the Bible says that homosexual behavior is wrong, but let's face it. The Bible also says that women should be shut off from human contact while they're having their periods. I do believe that the Bible is God's word, but I believe that for some things, you have to look at the context of when they were written...and you have to keep in mind that there have been many, many translations (and mistranslations) over the years. Do we really have a true way of knowing whether or not some well-meaning leader stuck a few pages of laws in that were only relevant to the time?

I usually only have one thing to say to people who condemn homosexuality based on the Bible being God's word....and that is...He's God. He's allowed to change His mind.

How often people forget that the greatest lesson Jesus ever taught was "Love thy neighbor."

Author:  Stephanie Gardner [ Wed Nov 15, 2006 1:58 pm ]
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I think there are many answers to this question. It just depends on your personal beliefs, religion, and view on homosexuality. A lot of Christian people do not believe it is right to be homosexual. However, the few homosexual people I have gotten to know and befriend are great people at heart. I don't fully understand it and I guess I never will because I am straight, and I don't even know if I want to label it as being right or wrong. I don't think that it should even be equivalent to being as big of a sin as some other things people do such as rape and murder. The God I believe in forgives all sins, and I think that the only sin that can't be forgiven is suicide. Therefore, I guess my view on it is that homosexuals can go to heaven as long as God is in their life.

Author:  Emily Adams [ Wed Nov 15, 2006 3:13 pm ]
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I believe that God condemns homosexuality. I mean let's face it, two men don't fit together and neither do two women. I think God created a man and a woman to be together, not a man and a man or a woman and a woman. I think God does view homosexuality as a sin. However, God doesn't hate the homosexual person, he hates their sin. Just like God doesn't hate me when I do something wrong, He hates what I do. But God's love is abundant and everflowing, and He forgives people of their sins if they truly repent and are sorry. This is what I believe.

Do I think homosexuals go to Heaven? That's between them and God. Christians aren't supposed to judge, and therefore that judgement isn't up to me.

Do I think it's morally right to be homosexual? No, I don't.

Author:  jennifer clark [ Thu Nov 16, 2006 1:20 pm ]
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This as been and will in my mind always be a very touchy subject, however, in this particular subject matter i feel that we as young adults can respectful express ourselves without intentionally offending another.

First off, I think it is important that it be said that there is no greater sin in the eyes of God. God views all sin equally, and hates it when we willfully disobey Him. With that being said, a person telling a lie is the same as homosexual marriage. God loves us. It is our sin that He hates. God has clearly said in His Word that "no man shall lay with another.This can be translated as no man should have sex or any other thing with another man. The same applies for women. People have the tendancy to take the Word and twist and give varied meanings to it, but this is one message that in my opinion can not be switched up. No, I do not think God approves of homosexuality....He hates it just as He hates it when we mistrreat our brothers and sisters and do not show them love. I am NOT God, I cannot judge. I WONT judge. I dispise judgement to be passed on me, so how am I to pass judgement on other?? Exactly. God is the supreme judge. When I die I will have to answer for my sins, just as the rest of this world. Until that day comes I will do what is right and pray for those who falter in their actions. When I die and leave this world the ONLY person that will determine where I spend eternity is God.

I think the thing that catches me so off guard is that we has humans are so concerned with the lives and actions of others. Yes, I want to see the entire world saved, but we must first get our own personal lives together? We dont ask, "Do you think liars or cheaters go to hell?" Why is that? The best advice I can offer is this, lets just live our lives, pray and show love to others, and ask God for grace and mercy.

Author:  elyse addington [ Thu Nov 16, 2006 3:37 pm ]
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i am so glad that jennifer brought up the point that God doesn't measure sin. murdering someone is the same as lying to your mom about where you were on friday. there is no value placed on sin in the eyes of God. i believe that homosexuality is a sin, just as adultery, lying, stealing, just flat out not loving other people, pride, etc. the list goes on and on. although i think the act itself is sinful, that does not make it acceptable to judge. we should be so grateful that it is not our responsibility to judge, only to love and through that hopefully show his love. it's only God's responsibility to ultimately decide because he is the only one who can see into our hearts.

Author:  Lillian Jones [ Mon Nov 20, 2006 9:57 am ]
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okay, I promise I'm not trying to start any sort of argument here. I truly do respect everyone's opinions, but here's mine:

First of all, God himself did not write the Bible. Thus, if you refer to things in the Bible as "God's word", you should keep in mind that God's actual word has been interpreted and translated over many years by humans before it reached us. As I'm sure most of us would agree, humans are not perfect. Also, there is a good chance that these humans who were writing and interpreting were not homosexual, nor were they women, nor were they living in a time in which homosexuality was cosidered as normal as heterosexuality, or in which women had power over anything. This could be an explanation as to the bias against these two groups--and other groups of people found throughout the Bible.

If you want to believe everything in the Bible literally as it is in your translated version, then that is just great. We all get our beliefs from somewhere. But unless God himself actually sat down and had a conversation with you, in which he personally said these things, then you actually don't know for sure that it's God's word. You've just been told that by the people who wrote this stuff down, the people who translated it, and perhaps the people that you listen to in church on Sunday.

I just wanted to point out that there are many Christians who feel that interpretation and translation have twisted the "real" word of God. I, personally, feel that none of us are capable of knowing absolute truth, so all we can really do is go through life doing the best that we can for ourselves and every single other person in the world, without judging anyone else--and yes, when you say that you think someone is not going to heaven, you are judging.

So... the point of this is that we all have to be sensitive to the fact that people have all different kinds of beliefs about everything, and maybe I think I'm right, but that doesn't mean you are wrong. I really hope that none of us will try to impose our personal beliefs on our students when we are teaching, but rather, accept all of them for who they are and what they believe... and truly be nonjudgemental.

that's what I think, anyway.

Author:  Emily Adams [ Mon Nov 20, 2006 10:32 am ]
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Lillian I have to say that I respect your opinion, and I find it valuable to hear your side of this argument.

Yes, my beliefs do come from the Bible. Yes, I do believe that the Bible is God's word. I do know and accept that this has been translated over the years, and interpreted, however this translation hasn't changed the main message of the bible, it's contents or what it states.

I also accept what you said about the people who wrote the Bible not living in a time when homosexuality was considered as normal as heterosexuality, but in Rome during this time homosexuality was quite common.

As for the bias that's presented in the Bible towards different groups of history, this pertains to history. There's a history that lies between the many different peoples in the bible, and if you research this history, you'll find that some were enemies, some were friends, there was bias evident between peoples because it really happened. In history, the people in the area of where the Bible was wrote, had issues with one another, some didn't, but some did.

Just because I believe in God, or read the Bible and believe it's God's word, doesn't mean that I can't be an educated Christian who takes into account everything that adds up to make the entire Bible. I believe that you have to take a scholarly view on the Bible, dissect it, and truly seek to understand God's word.

Christianity is far more than listening to what people have to say in churches on Sundays. Christianity is a walk of faith. It's about your relationship with God, not about how much money you give in an offering plate on Sundays, or about who gets up and preaches to you for an hour. Preachers can preach until they can't talk anymore and it won't do any good unless you feel God in your heart.

I agree that none of us can know the absolute truth. Perhaps when we die we will be enlightened, but until then, you're right, we don't know absolutely.

I'm not quite sure where you got that someone said that homosexuals don't go to Heaven. I know I never said that in my post, and I wasn't judging. Whether ANYONE gets into Heaven or get's cast into Hell is God's knowledge, decision and judgement. I just said that I felt that homosexuality was morally wrong.

I wasn't quoting scripture from the Bible when I said that either. I guess on this issue, I take a more of a 'Mother Nature' view on the topic. If women were meant to be with women, and men were meant to be with men, then why can't they reproduce? Why don't they fit together? From a 'Mother Nature' standpoint, to me, physically homosexuality just doesn't fit. It just doesn't work out. Two people can pretend to be opposite sexes if that makes them happy, more power to them, but it doesn't change in my eyes that they just don't fit.

Lastly, I understand what you're saying about sensitivity, and how we should be sensitive to what people feel, their beliefs, their emotions, etc. But what about how Christians feel? We see these strives for homosexuality, gay marriage, gay rights, parades, demonstrations, etc... but what about those who are Christians and feel the way I feel? What makes it right that someone can hold a demonstration for homosexuality or gay marriage, yet Christians can't hold one against it without being called 'full of hatred', 'hypocritical', etc? Christians aren't the only religion that doesn't believe in homosexuality, yet why do we always take the brunt of the storm?

I hope that everyone can read this post and respect my opinion, and I hope that I haven't made anyone furious or mad with me or stating my own beliefs.

I do respect you Lillian, and all others who have different opinions than me. I think that's what makes this world beautiful. If we all thought the same, how boring of a place this would be!

Author:  Lillian Jones [ Mon Nov 20, 2006 11:55 pm ]
Post subject: 

Emily, thanks for your response. Just to clarify--I was not directing my post at you. I just wanted to share a somewhat different view on the topic.

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