Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education

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Author:  Selena Hicks [ Mon Sep 18, 2006 4:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Courage

I began this topic Thursday, as I was working alone in the ticket office at Tweetsie. . . I have read more since.
As I am reading it is hard to imagine the courage Cedric posesses. He faces fear and redicule by his peers, but continues to study and follow his dreams. I hope he can become friends with Phillip. Cedric not only needs friends, but Phillip needs to know it is OK to be smart. It is sad that they have to choose between smart and cool. I'm not saying there weren't "nerds" when I was in high school, but many of the cool people were smart. I can understand how, in Cedric's world, you have to be street smart, rather than book smart. I could never imagine telling my 5yr old child to walk home and watch for the drug dealers, (and actually be able to point them out on the streets).

I have now read to the point where Cedric is attending Brown. I thought it was interesting when his comments about not labeling people due to their shortcomings or color were glossed over because they did not fit the "lesson plan" of the meetings. It would seem the point would be to not to be labeled! I thought it was funny when the classmate noted in his book the explanatory essay was in the beginning of the book, and the professor did not know how to respond- so he ended class early! What a wonderful lesson for Cedric. Sometimes we have to push ourselves- others do not know all the answers! I wish I had the convictions Cedric does. If a teacher does not ask, I find myself letting things go!

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