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Focus On The Family
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Author:  Diana Zong [ Sun Apr 15, 2007 4:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Focus On The Family

I dont know how many of you are religious and for that matter specifically christian, but for those who are I want to raise a point. There is a very well known Christian psychologist, Dr. Dobson, who founded focus on the family. If your familys are anything like mine then your mom probably repsects him alot. In psychology of gender my teacher made a comment about how the psychological community does not have a lot of respect for Dr. Dobson bc he conducts his research very poorly and there are some obvious biases in his work. I was curious bc I know that my mom believes a lot of what he says and so I researched his website What i found was pretty shocking. He is extremelly homophobic and has this list of "myths" about homosexuality I could go on forever about how i feel about each one but i thought i would let you all check it out and respond to it. He also has beliefs about public education that are shocking. (check out the six problems with education) Those are ridiculous too.[/url] It is a shame that someone so trusted by the christian community is teaching these things.

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