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Author:  Kristen P. Helton [ Mon Dec 08, 2008 10:26 am ]
Post subject:  Grades Online

I have seen in some schools where the teacher can post grades and comments online daily and parents can go online and check how their child is doing throughout the day. Do you think this is a good idea and would you like to do something like this in your class or school?

Author:  Tracy Gardo [ Mon Dec 08, 2008 2:37 pm ]
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I didn’t know that schools were doing this; I thought that this was just a college thing. I think it is a good idea, not just for the parents, but also the teacher and student. This way the parent will know if their child has homework, test, project, etc. and will also be able to keep up with their child’s grades throughout the year, instead of being shocked at the end of the year (when it is to late) by their grades. The teacher will be able to have more contact with their student’s parents, besides phone calls (and finding the right time for both parties) or sending a note home with the student (not always the most reliable). I think I would like to use this in my class, and I don’t think it would take a lot of extra effort on my part, I just don’t know if all of the parents would really look at it.

Author:  Kristen Bumgarner [ Mon Dec 08, 2008 2:53 pm ]
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I can see the pros and cons of this feature. I think it's wonderful for those parents who want to be involved in their child's everyday education. It's also a great alternative to phone calls, and parent conferences. In our fast paced society, it saves time by sending a quick note by email to the parents as well as being confidential. So it can be used as a great communication tool between the parents and the teacher.
The one con that I can see is that it might not promote the organizational and planning skills for the student. I know of many parents who would simply keep up with their child's assignments for them from this service. I'm a strong believer in a child doing the work for themselves and keeping up with it on their own. I feel that it's a necessary skill for the future and they must learn to do it at an early age.
Overall though, I would love to have this in my classroom. I feel that it would further contribute to the class.

Author:  Anna Gay [ Tue Dec 09, 2008 8:16 am ]
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Kristen brings up a very good point with the con. a system like this does not often promote the organizational skills of the student. I know this from experience. I went to private school and we had something like this, called Edline. I was in high school at the time, and they now do it in middle school at the school where I graduated, but I do not think it appropriate for younger children. I think students need to develop their own organizational skills before this comes about.

Another con you might want to think about is the pressure it puts on teachers to post grades. Although it is beneficial for the students and parents, maintaining the site can be very time consuming. Also, if a teacher gets behind on posting grades, they could be flooded with e-mails from parents, students, etc. I know this was the case with several of my teachers. If they didn't get something done very quickly parents would e-mail and ask where the student's grades were. This might get very frustrating as a teacher!

Author:  Lloyd Walker [ Tue Dec 09, 2008 12:28 pm ]
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The organization question is a big one. I also believe the student should be responsible for keeping up with assignments and due dates. Personally I love getting grades and feedback electronically. As a student I have always used this when it was available. As a teacher I am concerned with the time involved to keep information current and useful. Then there is the question about accessibility for students. Many will not have the resources to access at home. Also a lot of parents will not be technology literate and need personal contact.

Author:  Natalie Wolfe [ Tue Dec 09, 2008 12:32 pm ]
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I see a big con with this. I feel students will start to become dependent on parents keeping up with their assignments. In this generation, I have read and watched several things that say young adolescents to young adults are becoming too dependent on their parents and not taking responsibility of their own lives.

Author:  CaseyDavis [ Wed Dec 10, 2008 10:54 am ]
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I believe that this is a wonderful idea. Students of all ages don't like to come home and tell their parents if they're doing poorly in a class and be honest about all grades that they are making. I believe this would allow parent to become even more involved in their child's education. If they see that there is a problem, then hopefully the parents and that student can all work together to improve their grades and help them to be a successful student. As far as looking at assignments, they would be reminded of this everyday in class, so I really don't see how they would become dependent on their parents to remember when things are due. This is a job of the teacher, so the teacher will need to enforce it.

Author:  Paige Colbath [ Wed Dec 10, 2008 4:10 pm ]
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I think that this is a great idea, especially in a high school setting. A lot of times, even if a student is doing bad, the parent has no idea. I think it is a great way to have parents be able to access their student's grades. Even though progress reports are sent home, some students might not show their parents. I can also see some cons in this. Some parents could become to involved and be totally overbearing on their child. In high school, students need to learn how to grow up and get good grades, because no one will be watching them as closely in college to keep on top of things.

Author:  Emily Fox [ Wed Dec 10, 2008 7:08 pm ]
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As an elementary major, I think this would be very beneficial for both the teacher and the parents. It would keep parents up to date and keep the communication between them and the teacher open. I would think that most parents would be shocked if they received their kid's report card that had all D's or F's and had no idea their student was doing that bad throughout the term. If the grades are available for parents to see at all times, they can stay current and see their child's progress for themselves.

The only thing that I might remind parents is that, in elementary school, a lot of opportunities to make grades are given. Therefore, if their student happens to make an undesirable grade, it does not affect their overall grade unless it happens repeatedly. I would try to encourage parents to use the grades as just an overall idea of how their student is doing. My fear would be that a parent would see one bad grade and punish the child for it, while it might have just been a bad day for the kid.

Author:  Aaron Jones [ Fri Dec 12, 2008 9:08 pm ]
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I think this is an amazing idea, as long as the grades are password protected and other students cannot gain access to sensitive information. The only problem this would cause is that some parents are obsessed with grades to the point that they will be calling or emailing you all the time concerning every grade their child recieves that is below a 95. I might suggest only updating the grade list on friday so that students have time to get in any late work for the week they may have missed. Other than that I think it's a great idea

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