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Boredom in the classroom
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Author:  Katie Tyndall [ Wed Dec 10, 2008 1:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Boredom in the classroom

This was a constant struggle for me in school. I was almost always bored in classes. It's not that my teachers didn't try to keep things interesting, they did do many of the activities that we have discussed in class such as energizers, games, or just stretch breaks. I was still bored, and this boredom unfortunately often resulted in me causes some sort of disturbance within the class because I had time to sit and come up with new ideas to try, such as making paper catapults.

It wasn't until my teachers began to work with me to find non-disruptive activities that I could do while participating with my classmates on assignments or projects to keep me busy without giving me harder or more work just so that I would always have something to do. By allowing me to color, do puzzle books, play with silly putty, and other assorted small activities my teachers gave me an outlet for my energy, kept my attention for a longer period of time and allowed me to remain an equal part of the class. Not to mention keeping me out of trouble because I was never without something to do.

I was wondering, what do you all think we can do as teachers to help students who are bored. Should we increase the difficulty of assignments just to keep them busy or is this more of a punishment for them being academically advanced? Do you give them more work or just busy work to keep them occupied in their down time? Do you push reading to fill down time? Even if the student doesn't like to read? These are just some questions to think about, feel free to take this where ever you feel is appropriate.

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