Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education

The School and Social Progress
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Author:  pamelabare [ Wed Oct 22, 2008 7:00 am ]
Post subject:  The School and Social Progress

Only by being true to the full growth of all individuals who make it up, can society by any chance be true to itself.
I found this reading by Dewey to be very similar in theme to A Home On the Field. The imagery involved while reading the Dewey selection made me think of the latino students in my class. I can remember them struggling last year to form a soccer team at our school. They organized and and met after school to practice, but did not have a coach. Finally, this year, the school hired a coach only after recognizing their dedication. One of the students on this team, is in my English class. She was speaking to me one-on-one and spoke of how all she wanted was to go to college, but she couldn't go to Berea because it was too far from her family. This was the only college that would accept her because of her immigrant status. She spoke of her frustrations about how other students in the class didn't appreciate what was handed to them, and despite her struggles and dedication, she didn't have options. The next day, one of the other students in her class sent word during our class that she was quiting school. This young Latino student turned around and looked at me and said,"See what I mean?" Clearly what Dewey said is true, "It is our present education which is highly specialized, one-sided, and narrow."

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