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teaching differences
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Author:  katelynmcmillan [ Wed Apr 22, 2009 4:50 pm ]
Post subject:  teaching differences

I've talked to several gay people who came out later in life. Many of them say they always felt different but never thought of the possibility that they might be gay because they had only ever been taught and influenced by heterosexual people. As educators, is it our job to open our students eyes to different lifestyles? How far is too far? What should we not teach? How should differences be taught/discussed?

Author:  Samantha Neader [ Wed Apr 22, 2009 5:02 pm ]
Post subject:  teaching differences

I think it is very important to make your classroom gender free. Males shouldn't feel influenced to do something because its what the boys are supposed to do, and same goes for females. I think it is very important to start teaching at an early age that people are different and like different things. By making your classroom a more open environment and not focused on gender then maybe more gays and transgenders will not feel so segregated amongst their peers. I think things like this do help students and you could go about teaching these issues and differences in a subtle way, but you can take it to far and force your students to learn about things that they may disagree with. You want to try and make your class more comfortable for all students, not try and change everyone's opinions to accepting gays and transgenders.

Author:  amy butler [ Tue Apr 28, 2009 1:31 pm ]
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I think the best way is like what Samantha said, to have a gender neutral class that doesn't force things onto the students, where it is a comfortable environment. It's always good to have an open minded classroom that makes it comfortable for all the students and try to teach the students about all types of families and sexualities but to keep it subtle and not make a big deal about it.

Author:  dinah wilgus [ Wed Apr 29, 2009 9:41 pm ]
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this is actually pretty funny that this topic came up. I just finished making my teacher website, and on it we are required to put our classroom rules. I wanted to make sure that they know that it's not ok to judge each other based on these sorts of things. But I knew that I would not be allowed to say that, so instead I wrote "2. Ignorance is not allowed inside the classroom, 3. Respect your fellow classmates; not everyone is the same, and that is absolutely OK." (btw if you guys would like to check it out and give me feed back, here is the site: ... ilgus/Home .... criticism is absolutely welcome). I think it puts it out there so that the students know that it is NOT ok.

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