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Zimbabwe Speaker
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Author:  TimJoyner [ Sun Dec 06, 2009 1:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Zimbabwe Speaker

Another of my Community events included hearing a guest speaker discuss her life in Zimbabwe. Dr. Mudiwa of App State gave a lecture about the history of Zimbabwe and some of the cultural differences and similarities between the US and Zimbabwe.
She discussed most in depth the process of education in Zimbabwe. Being a former British colony, there are several expensive British learning institutes but because of the gap between rich and poor in Zimbabwe, there are also single room schools out in the more rural areas. I thought this was very interesting because when we, as Americans, think of African nations, I do not think we consider the poverty gap affecting their educations as it does ours in America. Education should be a basic human right, but throughout the country and around the world, certain groups have a distinct advantage in terms of education. Those higher on the socioeconomic spectrum have not only a hidden curriculum but a hidden advantage in that education is more explicitly tailored to their benefit. It is my hope that, as a teacher, I can do my best to acknowledge these biases and find a way to work around them so that every student in my classroom has an equal opportunity to succeed.

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