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Gospel Choir Concert
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Author:  Jessica Jenkins [ Mon Dec 07, 2009 11:52 am ]
Post subject:  Gospel Choir Concert

On Sunday, December 6th I attended the ASU Gospel Choir Concert. Honestly, I look forward to the concert every year. I guess who would say I'm a huge fan of Christmas. I always find the concert encouraging and uplifting. One of my favorite things about seeing the ASU Gospel Choir is the pride they have in African culture. Last night, the Director turned around and facing the audience he said, "You know if we were at a Glee Club concert and you started clapping your hands, I would probably turn around and say something because it would not be appropriate for Glee Club. But, ladies and gentlemen, this is a Gospel Choir concert, and it is accustom in African culture and Gospel music that you participate DURING the concert to show your appreciation for the music. So, what that means is: It is okay to stand up and clap your hands." HaHa. The ASU Gospel Choir always attracts a large audience and I felt a sense of diversity just by being in Farthing auditorium on that night.

Author:  Mallory Bendig [ Mon Dec 14, 2009 12:14 am ]
Post subject:  Gospel Choir Concert

I attended Gospel Choir's final concert of the semester for one of my community events. I always enjoy the show the Gospel Choir puts on. Dr. Thompson, the director of the singers, wants the audience to get involved so he asks everyone to get up and dance, and if they feel compelled...sing along. The songs they sing are always inspirational and religious based. This doesn't bother me because sometimes I need to get my Jesus on. I enjoy the songs that the choir get into. They like to clap and sway with the music which gets the audience more involved. The soloists are amazing. It reminds me of the contemporary service at my church back home. The songs get more intense, but for comparisons sake, the strong southern Baptist background is obvious. There is a revivalist theme as well. Seems like Dr. Thompson wants you to make your own decision about your religious beliefs but you can tell he is confident about his decision.

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