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20/20 Ten Most Fascinating People of 2009
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Author:  Courtney Rickenberg [ Mon Dec 14, 2009 3:14 pm ]
Post subject:  20/20 Ten Most Fascinating People of 2009

The other night my roommate and I watched The 10 Most Fascination People of 2009 on 20/20. I know this may not be considered a "cultural event", but as I watching the program I began to think wow these ten people are very fascinating, so fascinating that I want to sit down and watch 20/20 (which it is not even typical of me to watch TV). It made think all ten of these people were selected because of something that had done and each thing they had done was different. Well, in the world we live in everyone is different, but often times when we're in the classroom we forget that each student brings baggage with them to class. Just because that student may bring "things" into the classroom with them that doesn't mean we have the right to deny that student of a quality education, or to deny them of the opportunity to be one of the next ten most fascinating person.

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