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Lunch and Learn Diversity Series
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Author:  Amanda Stroud [ Wed Oct 07, 2009 1:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Lunch and Learn Diversity Series

On Tuesday, I went to the Lunch and Learn Diversity Series. The conversation topic was "A real conversation on Ideology: What Conservative and Liberal actually mean." Dr. Newmark led the discussion in a very nonbiased manner. I wasn't sure what this would be like but I actually enjoyed it. It was more intimate than a lecture because there was only about 25 us in the room, sitting in a circle. It wasn't so much Dr. Newmark speaking at us, but more like him having a conversation with us. We could interrupt him and ask questions or add comments anytime we liked, it was a very relaxed setting. Through this discussion I learned that people really don't know how to label themselves. There are democrats that are conservatives, and there are liberals that are republican, I actually wasn't aware of this. I've been raised pretty strongly one way to a point where I never actually learned the difference between the two. Through Dr. Newmark's discussion though I was really able to learn exactly what liberals and conservatives are for and base their judgements on. I learned the concerns of each of them and why some people tend to have problems with the way they look at things. Dr. Newmark also stated that there was a poll taken on a campus connection website and 80% of the negative remarks that college students hear other college students making is about their political ideology. I thought that was crazy, it was second on the list for most negative remarks. I really learned a lot in this hour and I would definately recommend going because it's a setting where you are actually able to put your thoughts in the circle and see how everyone else responds.

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