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Social Justice meeting on Illegal Immigration
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Author:  Courtney Buchanan [ Thu Oct 08, 2009 12:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Social Justice meeting on Illegal Immigration

This meeting about social justice took place this Tuesday, October 6 at 7:30 in the library. Basically this meeting was about discussing illegal immigrations and the laws behind it in this country from a Christian perspective. Like any other topic at these meetings, there is no easy solutions, so we basically shoot our opinions on the topic back and forth to become more informed. I learned so much about this topic. What was basically discussed was how many Mexican people, along with natives from other Spanish speaking countries, save up enough money to get a Coyote to sneak them to America where they can find some job that will treat them like dirt and give them a horrible salary, according to us, while they do hard labor just to provide for their families back home. There are so many issues that go along with this, such as the fact that we really don't even have jobs to give our own citizens, let alone them. However, they are working for jobs under conditions that most Americans are too proud to work in and would never agree to the terms. They also, however, are driving without licenses and usually do not speak English, which affects many Americans daily. Shouldn't we help our neighbor when they are in need though? But also shouldn't our government provide for its citizens before providing for illegal immigrants? I believe that the government actually wants us to have illegal immigrants because them working for so little helps our economy so much, but create laws only to make American citizens happy. But are these laws actually being enforced? The government could pretty much point out what companies employ illegal immigrants, and yet they usually don't address the situation. I also learned that the money made from illegal immigrants is the largest percentage of revenue that Mexico is receiving right now, so their government is actually encouraging them to come here. I really don't know my opinion on the whole subject, but I do believe in helping someone in need. I highly suggest these meeting to anyone, whether you are opinionated or feel uniformed. There is a new topic each week, it is student run, and it takes place every Tuesday night at 7:30 in room 421 of the library.

Author:  Dawn Vang [ Wed Oct 21, 2009 9:41 am ]
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I also attending this social justice meeting on illegal immigrants. We started the meeting off with a couple of quotes from various people and verses from the Bible. After we finished reading these quotes, many students began to ask questions. Many questions that I had were answered during this time. I too learned a lot on illegal immigration from a Christian perspective and like Courtney said, there are no easy solutions. We talked about the reasons these people decide to risk their lives and venture to the United States. I personally believe that it is very sad and hard for the head of the household to make that decision. They know they have to provide for their families so they risk their lives to cross the border. For the most part, these families only reunite every so often because it is hard to even cross back into Mexico.

We also discussed the fact that the United States does not even have enough jobs for their own citizens. The working conditions that these illegal immigrants have to work in are awful. Businessmen know they will put up with this because they know they can be reported and then deported.

I agree with Courtney when she said that the government likes having illegal immigrants because working for so little does help our economy but they only make laws to make the citizens happy. Money sent back home to Mexico from these illegal immigrants is the largest percentage of revenue. I found this very interesting but I could definitely see why.

I don't really have an opinion on this subject because I see the good and the bad. Overall, I throughly enjoyed this meeting and would recommend everyone to go every Tuesday night at 7:30 in room 421 of the library.

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