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Cherokee Culture and Education
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Author:  Sarah Grzesik [ Wed Oct 28, 2009 7:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Cherokee Culture and Education

On October 21st, 2009, I attended a seminar on Cherokee culture and education presented by Dr. Allen Bryant. He is part Cherokee and is really passionate about his past and tying it into the present by helping future teachers understand that they are different and have an entirely different culture from that of our own. He also helps children by taking a group of students to help in the schools during spring break.
Dr. Bryant talked a lot about the past history of the Cherokee Indians. He talked about when the Europeans came to America and decided to make treaties with them for their land. He talked about how it wasn’t fair to them, and eventually they were forced out of their land and to the Trail of Tears. He also talked about the legend of Tsali. When the Cherokee’s were forcibly removed from their land, Tsali, his wife, and his three sons offered no resistance and left. Along the way though, a soldier prodded his wife with a bayonet and it sent him over the edge. He led a rebellion and they stole the soldier’s guns. Unfortunately, a gun went off and shot a soldier in the head, so the family fled into the mountains. His fellow native Americans found him and told him that if he gave himself up, that the Cherokee could stay in North Carolina. So Tsali and his sons walked into town and were given a “trialâ€

Author:  Stephanie Gilliam [ Sun Nov 01, 2009 5:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Cherokee Culture Seminar

I also attended this seminar and really enjoyed it. Sarah did a great job at summarizing it. Dr. Bryant also mentioned that he began planning the student trip to the reservation as a promise to his grandpa and that every year he visits the reservation he constantly thinks about his family. I am very interested into looking into the trip and staying on the reservation during the week he plans to go. I think that it would be a great cultural experience. Overall I was very pleased with this seminar! :P

Author:  lukedellinger [ Wed Dec 09, 2009 4:35 pm ]
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I too attended the seminar on Cherokee culture. I myself have only been to Cherokee once in my life, and I was too young to even remember it. Dr. Bryant did a tremendous job with this seminar, I learned a ton of information on Cherokee culture in today's society.
I always envisioned Cherokee to be this real touristy place with casinos and hotels, which to some extent it is. Dr. Bryant revealed that the real Cherokee can be found in the mountains surrounding the tourist attractions. This is where the Cherokee people actually live not in the big tourist attraction that is the main city. Dr. Bryant also said that you will find a lot of the Cherokee people in the city working, dressed up as Indians for show. The only reason these people do this though is because Cherokee is such a large tourist attraction and its a great way to make money. He also pointed out that in the main city, you'll find large teepee's for show, where tourists can come take pictures. The funny thing is, the real Cherokee people didn't even live in teepees, they lived in long cabins. It's a shame how commercialized the city has become, but the real Cherokee nation is still there behind all the billboards and casinos.

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