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Not the girl I used to be.
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Author:  Lauren Smith [ Wed Nov 25, 2009 10:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Not the girl I used to be.

Not the Girl I Used to Be was a lecture on literature directed at young girls. Elaine O'Quinn gave a lecture on the research she had done on girl literature as far back as the middle ages to Nancy Drew to the Twilight series.
The connections I made from the lecture and the class were more relevant now that we have done the gender unit.
I saw a lot of imposing thoughts through the literature presented and the girls who might be reading it. It was very clear that the literature was trying to impose thoughts of gender identity onto the girls with ideas of male superiority, feminine domestic roles, and idealized social and physical standards. The girls are often helping take care of less astute domineering men or solving a mystery that those less observant police just can't seem to figure out. The roles that are imposed on girls as far as what jobs, ranks/positions, and titles women can hold is often a throw back to older ideas that seem a little archaic now.
If a teacher tried to imposed those ideas on a student he/she would get sued. It's not only unethical to try to impose agendas on students, it is unreasonable.

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