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Author:  Stephanie Gilliam [ Sat Dec 05, 2009 11:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Internet Use

I went to a meeting on December 1 about the uses and misuses of the internet for teachers. I found this meeting to be very informative. It really opened a persons eyes to the fact that because the internet exists it is very important that a teacher is very careful with what they say and do in the classroom because of what might end up on the internet. It is very easy for part of a conversation to be taken out of context or even an action a student may have videotaped with something such as their camera phone. It is also easy to upload any and everything to the internet onto sites such as Youtube. The subject of accepting students as friends on social networking sites such as myspace and facebook also came up. It is a good idea to not add any of your students as friends on these sites until they have graduated from the school you are teaching at. Teachers should be careful not to get too close to their students because they are there to guide their students much as a parent would at home. Another thing to be careful about is what is posted on your profile. Sketchy pictures and information that a student may come across is not what a teacher should be posting. Status updates are important too because people are beginning to get fired for things such as updating their status when they have called out of work sick.

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