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Dark Days
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Author:  Audrey Nestianu [ Tue Dec 15, 2009 2:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Dark Days

A few weeks ago I watched the documentary Dark Days in Belk Library. This documentary showed another side of New York that we don’t usually see on TV. Generally we see the glamour in shows like Sex and the City, and rarely think about all the people living there that are not as fortunate. Basically the crew followed a group of homeless people living under a tunnel in an Amtrak station in New York. The movie gave an inside look on how they get by daily and survive. They made money by selling things like books, CDs, VCRs, color TVs, and anything else they found in the trash. They called it a free enterprise because what people throw away are often in perfect working condition, so they take it and resell it. He said he usually makes $60-$70 a day! I was struck when one man mentioned how he is very comfortable in his current living situation and loves that he doesn’t have to pay bills. He adds, “the only thing we don’t have is running water.â€

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