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Author:  Kim Hertzler [ Mon Apr 25, 2005 6:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Discipline

I don't know how everyone else feels, but I don't feel like we have been given any help on how to deal with discipline in our classrooms. We haven't even touched the subject. So my question to you is how do you think that you will handle discipline in your classroom when something comes up?

Author:  Heath Robertson [ Mon Apr 25, 2005 6:57 pm ]
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Personally, I feel that kids should be paddled in school. But, we can't do that any more and I think it is really sad. When I am teaching, if a child is being disrespectful or is just being a pain in the butt, I'll take them out of my class and let the administration deal with them. If we are trying our best to teach 30 kids, we can't let one disrupt the rest of the class. I really wish we had talked at least some about this topic in class because I feel it is something that should be discussed.

Author:  Brittany Burton [ Mon Apr 25, 2005 10:57 pm ]
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I agree with Heath in the aspect that I will send the students out of class and let the administration deal with them.

Author:  Sarah McLean [ Tue Apr 26, 2005 6:04 pm ]
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I received some really good advice from my teacher that I just completed my internship on discipline. I told her that I was worried how I would handle the issue in my classroom. I don't want to be mean to the children, but I don't want them to run all over me either! The main thing she told me was to handle my own discipline and NOT send them to the administration. She said this would help me look more like an authoritive figure in the classroom, and the students will be less likely to run over me! :wink:

Author:  Jeni Gudridge [ Wed Apr 27, 2005 8:38 am ]
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I agree with Sarah. Although it would make it so much easier to send the disruptive kids to the administration to deal with them, putting your foot down and handling it on your own will make you look stronger, hopefully eliminating or decreasing the bad behavior. I think a disciplinary system should be set where after a certain amount of problems in a day a note goes home to parents or something like that.

Author:  gayle [ Wed Apr 27, 2005 1:14 pm ]
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Do you remember the exercise we did in class that started out, "What would you do if..."

What did you think that was about?

Author:  Hannah O'Daniel [ Wed Apr 27, 2005 3:02 pm ]
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I think it just depends on the situation. It is hard to determine what I will do now. I have also learned that it depends on the group of students that you have. If I have constant misbehavior from one particular student then appropriate action must be made.

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