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What would you do?
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Author:  Luci Osborne [ Thu Apr 06, 2006 2:58 pm ]
Post subject:  What would you do?

From our discussions in class and from reading "A Hope in the Unseen" I was just wondering if anybody had any thoughts as to how they would react if they were put in a situation where perhaps the school was pressuring them to discourage a student like the main character of the book from taking something like the SAT or ACT just because you knew they were from a poor social class and had other stigmas attached to them....

Author:  Jill Parsons [ Sun Apr 09, 2006 7:15 pm ]
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Well if I knew someone was discouraging someone from taking a test that culd alter their future I would them very carefully think about their decision. What I woudl do , if I realized taht someone might not be able to afford the test of maybe not do as well as others - I would explain to the student that it is a fairly expensive test but they are encouraged to take it and I woudl find a way to have that happen. If I was afraid of how well they would do on the test I would tell them that the test is very long and tedious but all types of people are very successful with it - also i would explain that it does not determine their intelligence level at all - simply their ability to take a test - which can range. I would definitely encourage all students to take the test as long as colleges are using them to determine entry.

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