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Author:  Melanie Huss [ Mon Nov 06, 2006 1:06 pm ]
Post subject:  envy

I thought the video we watched in class (about Cain and Abel) was extremely interesting. I found the comment about envy especially interesting. One of the authors stated that we only envy those we have something in common with not those we are opposite of. I have never thought about it in this way. I would like to think that I don't envy anyone. Envy is such a strong word.. but when I think about those I have "jealous" feelings about, they all revolve around areas of commonality. What are everyone else's thoughts on this.

Author:  Lisa Wade [ Thu Nov 09, 2006 5:31 pm ]
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I'm not sure. To an extent, I feel we all, at least once in a while, are envious of someone or something, whether it be a new car, a new addition to a family, or home improvements. Within my circle of friends, we celebrate each others successes and additions of any sort. Some people have more jealous natures, so I can see some people feeling envious of others. I think I see it more with those who go without; however, I think it's circumstantial. People who may not have a lot but have a wonderful, loving family celebrate that and don't worry about the tangible items they may lack. Those who have "everything" may envy the family unity they may not have. I think it really depends upon our natures and the way we were raised. I personally have never been a jealous person. If I want something, I work hard to achieve it. Not to say that I've never been envious of others. I had always wanted my family to be more united. I got that when I married my husband because his family is unusually close. I hope that I addressed this in the manner in which you meant it.

Author:  Bobbi Faulkner [ Thu Nov 09, 2006 8:57 pm ]
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Hmm. There may be something to the "envy commonality" theory. Come to think of it, I'm only ever envious of females. I envy things like their weight, career status, seemingly perfect families, etc. (Not that I don't love and live the life I have.) I think envy is a built-in human failing that we all have to keep in check becuase, like with Cain and Able, envy has the power to destroy.

Author:  Mitzi Story [ Mon Nov 13, 2006 12:38 pm ]
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I agree with you Bobbi. I think that envy is a common trait that every person has at some point in their lives. I do feel like Lisa stated, that you can be jealous of anything. I think that as a parent you should teach children that envy is a normal emotion but that it should not start to drive your thoughts and actions. Within limits, desiring to have or achieve things is good. I also think that we should work to teach our children to look deep into the relationships of other that we envy. Their lives may not be so great. The grass is not always greener on the other side. As we get older I feel that we start to see just this point.

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