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"Ishmael" poem
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Author:  Bobbi Faulkner [ Thu Nov 09, 2006 8:33 pm ]
Post subject:  "Ishmael" poem

This is the poem I wrote in college that really reminds me of Ishmael, and to some extent, The Poisonwood Bible.

To A Dying Earth

Apply a fresh coat of varnish
to the inside of the mind
and try not to dwell
on the government plots that are everywhere.

He was boasting a pretty-footed tub
his dementia started showing.
And as his anti-government feelings grew,
he discovered the hippie life
while gunshots echoed past
the metal detector at the door.

Hate groups popped up,
tracking the drifter's descent,
and he,
once meek, quiet, and overweight,
grew more and more bizarre.

He placed a jaunty feather in his cap
and closed his eyes,
listening to the distant buzz of an electric saw.

As trees fell one by one in the forest,
he realized that there are lots of disturbed people
and individuals don't make war!

Even though he never held a steady job,
he tried to make us sell our cars
and realize
the forest,
it is sacred,
and society,
it refuses to follow the path of nonviolence,
thanks again to modern technology.

And, asking himself, "Is there really a God,"
he realized that he couldn't escape through the section of blocked drain pipe.

It was virtually impossible for debris.

Because of the sleek, modern approach,
water rushes out
and even though he pictures himself having it,
the world melts at his feet.

Because nothing can be found in the flowers anymore,
man can no longer hide his habits under the toads,
and the goddess within is slowly dying.

Fall, 1999

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