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The Poisonwood Bible
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Author:  Beth Barber [ Sun Nov 26, 2006 4:56 pm ]
Post subject:  The Poisonwood Bible

I loved this book. There was so much in here that reminded me of Ishmael. When their father was planting the garden, he brought vegetable seeds from his home, not thinking that they would not grow in Africa. He was trying to impose his own culture onto the land. He knew nothing about the climate, or agriculture of Africa; he assumed he knew everything.
He worked so hard to impose his culture onto the Congolese people. His implications were that they were savage people who did not know how to live. Yet, they knew how to survive on their land, the father did not.
I thought that the previous reverand, Brother Fowles had the right idea. He acted like a Christian, like a brother. Our actions speak louder than words. Brother Fowles took the time to get to know the people in the village. The Reverand Price was aloof. He did not know the people. His own children knew the Congolese better than he did. I really felt sorry for the family, having to do all the work. What did Reverand Price do all day?

One thing I took from this book was that we can not impose our culture onto another. One culture is not better than another. The dominant culture in our society may think it is superior, but it is not. It is just one more culture group. I have often wondered how our world would be different if another culture group had become dominant.

Author:  Mitzi Story [ Mon Nov 27, 2006 8:44 am ]
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I also loved this book. The family dynamics was so intense. I enjoyed getting to know each character in detail. Since reading these last two books I have had many conversations with my husband about the fact that we as Americans sometimes think that we know better than anyone in the world. We seem to think that we could fix many problems if the world would just listen to us. Many countries have cultures that are much different than that of the US. I often wonder how much we attempt to learn about other cultures before we impose our views on them. Please don't think that I have any answers but I do think that every person should try to become educated about other cultures before passing judgment. If Rev. Price had at any time tried to learn about the culture of that area he may have been accepted and welcomed into their village where his message may have been heard by the people. Instead, he was never seen as wise man.

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