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Music in the schools
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Author:  wess pasour [ Tue Nov 04, 2008 12:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Music in the schools

How do you view music in the secondary school setting? Is it needed, necessary, important, etc? What role should it have in a student's life?

Author:  Anna Gay [ Wed Nov 05, 2008 9:27 am ]
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I think music is definitely interesting in the secondary level. Most of the time, music becomes an extracurricular activity, instead of one that is included during the week. I feel as though educators provide music in the curriculum at the younger ages so that children can experiment and enjoy it and see if they like it. But, once you get to middle school, most kids usually have to pick between music, sports, or other extracurricular activities. Although I don't think music is for every child, I think it is important that every school offer music in various forms.

Author:  Aaron Jones [ Fri Dec 12, 2008 9:22 pm ]
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Music is extremely important in a school setting. Not only the instruction the students recieve from the school's music department, but also from other sources. I believe that teachers should make every attempt to work music into every subject. This might be difficult in science and math, but it is invaluable in learning history and English. By tying music into the curriculum, you are getting the students interested in what you are teaching as well as showing them how the lesson relates to their everyday life. If the kids know there is a valid purpose for the things they are doing, they will be much more receptive to the lesson and retain it longer.

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