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parental involvement
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Author:  Kelsey Knauss [ Tue Apr 07, 2009 9:47 pm ]
Post subject:  parental involvement

I have been watching my mom teach for as long as I can remember. One of the biggest problems she has had as a teacher, and one that hasn't ever really changed, if the amount of parental involvement she has in her class. On conference days, she's lucky if she gets half of her parents to come. This isn't because she isn't doing her part to reach out to her parents or because she isn't giving the opportunity for communication, it's just that a lot of her parents aren't concerned about their child's education. Now, I'm doing my field experience in a predominantly Hispanic school, and when I asked the teacher i'm working with about the turn out for her parent, she said that she had all of her parents show up on conference day, and that most classes get these results. This blew my mind, especially since in the county I came from, a lot of kids and parents showed no respect or interest in education. It's amazing to me that parent's who can't speak a lick of English manage to have more investment and are willing to do more for their kids than parents who have lived here their whole lives and are not working through language barriers and other adversity. So, my question, or maybe thought, is this: what is it about different cultures that cause parents to not care or care a lot about their child's education. And furthermore, how can we make sure that we have parents involved in their child's educational lives when we begin teaching?

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