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Creating Community in a Non-Profit Children's Museum
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Author:  Clayton Edwards [ Fri Nov 20, 2009 9:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Creating Community in a Non-Profit Children's Museum

Wrapping up the women's studies lecture series for the semester, Kathy Parham talked about Boone's children's museum. Beginning with the first stages of its foundation, she told the story of the museum and what it has meant to the community and the families it has touched.

Going into the lecture I had no idea what was meant by a children's museum. I soon found out it was a playhouse where parents can take their kids to interact with them without the distractions of home. It is both a refuge for parents and children in that it supplies the empathy and support parents need while raising a child.

The museum came about due to the need of more places for young people to play. Not only does the museum provide a play area, but it also brings with it new connections within the community. Listening, guidance, and care is both received and given from parents and staff to one another, bringing people within the community closer to each other.

Boone's children's museum was brought into existence in a matter of six months from its first conception. While this is a rush job compared to other such facilities across the country, it's rewards are being reaped sooner and its impact is even more closely knit with the community since it's not some grand establishment people see as disconnected to the world around them.

Parham also talked about how the museum created a social capital which respects both the needs of children and parents. Overall I was amazed that such a wonderful place existed. A rewarding environment that brings people from all parts of the community together through the love of their children. It is environments like these that we need to work to create more of in this world, because in times of hardship and crisis all we have is each other.

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