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Author:  TylerScruggs [ Tue Dec 15, 2009 2:06 am ]
Post subject:  Educational Experiences

For my first educational experience I attended a Music in Special Education Seminar. This was a learning experience for me. The seminar talked about combining special education students into a classroom with students who are not in special education. This reminded me of the class because of the conversations we have had about racism and discrimination. The seminar did not talk about racism but with the combining of the students reminded me of these conversations and how students could possibly feel.

For another of my education experiences I viewed the film, "Outrage." This film is about politicians who speak out against homosexuality and transgender while the politicians secretly belong to these cultures. This reminded me of the course with the skit that was done where a teacher was accused of being a homosexual. This shows me that sometimes your beliefs and the way you live your life may not be accepted by everyone and it may be better to keep your views hidden just to keep your job.

My last educational experience was a Resume and CV building meeting. This meeting talking about proper ways to build a resume. This is something that will help me in my educational career because I will need to submit a resume anytime I apply for a job and I will be able to help my students write a proper resume.

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